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Power & control cabins & skid


Inntea manufactures command and control cabins and Operator control rooms in a containerized solution ready for use and turnkey or skid.

All production plants require control and supervision such as to require a location of stations that can be in the field and next to of specific production areas.
Inntea offers different solutions, from the fully equipped command and control cabin complete with electrical command and control panels (CT-PC) to the Operator control room complete with all the equipment necessary for plant supervision (CT-CR).
Inntea designs with its own technical staff the most suitable product for the customer, taking care of the production in the best possible way, the F.A.T. integrated among all the power, command and control equipment according to the regulations and on request also the commissioning.
Our Cabin / Skid:
  • Contains electrical command and control panels
  • Complete with any Skada stations
  • It is made with a stand-alone structure
  • It has dimensions according to ISO standards or made to measure
  • It is made according to customer specifications
  • Possible completion of the supply with all equipment and safety equipment, it is ready for use and suitable for installation in both temporary and permanent systems.
The containerized command and control cabins are complete with all safety equipment and equipment and are designed to provide a turnkey solution ready for use.

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