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Switchgears are used for energy distribution and the operations of various types of electrical utilities. Switchgears are at the centre of any human activity that requires electrical energy distribution, from domestic to more complex industrial activities.

Inntea has distinguished itself over time for having best met the most diversified needs in various sectors, ranging from simple auxiliary utility operations to electrical distribution for large systems and electrical motor power.
Inntea offers a range of switchgears including:
  • Distribution panels and switchgears
  • Power Centers
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Medium voltage switchgears
Each of these products is designed and constructed according to specific plant needs and using the best components on the market, able to guarantee high performance standards and user safety, such as:
  • Easy maintenance
  • Operating continuity
  • Operating safety
  • Reduced size
  • Scalability ease
  • Wall or double-face installation
  • CE certification

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