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Inntea, your reliable and competent partner for energy.

In 2009 the strong passion for technology, the desire to contribute to the wealth of our environment have prompted us to create a company able to design and build high-tech products & plants, they called it INNTEA.

(innovation, technology, environment)

The know-how gained in previous work experience has supported the creation of a highly motivated team, allowing the company to achieve important results in few years.
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Energia rinnovabile, tecnologia sostenibile,
innovazione che ascolta la Terra: in una parola, Inntea.

"Our company considers all the energy sources that make the world go round with the eye of the farmer who knows the complete Earth cycle and how to respect his greatest capital: natural resources. We ask water at the rivers and mountain streams, and in exchange for we give our due respect to their ecological and sustainable balance.

We enable houses and companies to live with solar energy, so we can transform our photovoltaic units in the little sun of each of our clients. We take the waste of the woods and we use them to produce energy in our biomass plants.

We feel a company of the twenty-first century. Our wish is to contribute to a sustainable existence of the human population on the Earth. We are a company that feels engaged in living in harmony with our Planet where the future is already in progress."

The founders

Our values

We are a company that feels engaged to living in harmony with our Planet where the future is already in progress. Find out our values.
  • Moral integrity and coherence: we want to achieve, deserve and maintain the confidence of men, women and children who come into contact with our company behaving in a transparent mode, assuming responsibility for our actions and keeping our promises.
  • Respect: we have respect for all people and the environment in which we live and we support an energic culture disclosure. 
  • Excellence: we must continue to improve our products and our services, but also the quality of our life and that of other people around us. We aim for excellence in everything we do, this is a moral commitment. 
  • Team spirit: working in a relaxed and effectively mode with colleagues, employees, customers, suppliers and local communities allows us to obtain the best results.
  • Innovation: to better perform our work we use all the resources that innovation provides us to be sure to offer the best possible solution.

Our mission

Our mission

The mission of Inntea is to provide its customers plants and innovative solutions in order to produce, manage, store and save energy, developing and using the most efficient technologies compatible with the environment and safety.

Inntea wants to:
  • Create value for its shareholders and envelop business in the long term;        
  • Contribute to the working pleasure and professional development of it employees and collaborators;
  • Contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the environment in which we live;   
  • Contribute to the propagation of a culture of energy in line with our values: integrity and moral consistency.
Our vision

Our vision

Produce, manage, store and save energy in order to guarantee a sustainable development for future generations.

Manage energy putting it at the service of real people.

Energy ensures progress and a better life quality.



Start of Inntea activity.


First important contracts for the building of Turnkey plants.
Inauguration of the headquarter in Ponte Nossa, Bergamo, Italy.


Obtainment of the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Obtainment of the ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.


Automation of an hydroelectric plant in communication with GME "Energy Markets Operator".


Obtainment of the qualification "ENEL Group supplier".
Exhibition at Qatar fair "Project" and Dubai Fair "BIG5".


Development of the product Keton energy monitoring software & “Keton”  trademark registration. 
Release of Keton beta version and first installations


Start of marketing and development of Keton sales network.
Exhibition at Parma fair "Mecspe" .


Building automation system & technological systems for Italian factory of 12.000 square meters of production area + 6.000 square meters of offices.


Inntea moves to the new and prestigious headquarter in Onore
Engineering, Construction & commissioning of the first Control & Electricity Storage Cabin.


Expansion of the headquarter in Onore (BG - Italy).
Scada RTU automation of the new 47 MW photovoltaic field in Chile.
Our brand new website is online.

Our certifications

We have always researched the excellence in everything concerning our products, services and internal procedures, increasing our work level day by day. Since our birth, we work paying particular attention to environment, security and quality. This our commitment has been rewarded with the obtainment of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018  certifications verified and accredited by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance and United Kingdom Accreditation Service, third parts known worldwide for its credibility and relevance which attest officially the compliance of our products, processes and services.

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