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Smart platform for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption and system data

KETON is a product entirely developed by Inntea:it’s an energy monitoring platform that can manage the entire production and consumption process monitoring in real time, with tables and graphs, all values acquired by the system evaluating the quality of the acquired data. It’s a multidevice website, simple and usable from any device with a browser.
It’s accessible thanks to an user-id and a password without installing additional programs.


Real time monitoring
KETON is a platform capable of making real-time comparisons using graphs and tables by crossing data from different sites or different sizes, all this ensures direct communication with the user.

Applicable to any plant
KETON is easily applicable to consumer, production and machinery plants. The platform is also able to receive data from systems made by different manufacturers as long as they have a dialogue.

Technologically innovative
KETON makes use of the latest software technologies available, making full use of modern BIG DATA, based on TIME SERIES principles and technologies and MULTI TENANT applications. It is also easily scalable and upgradeable.

Performance traceability
KETON allows you to retrieve data from periods that have already passed (starting from the date of installation) in order to compare the past values ​​with the current ones and verify the success of the interventions implemented.

Modular investment
Investments distributed over time: it is possible to monitor a part of the system based on the financial resources and needs of the moment by subsequently installing additional modules and upgrades, increasing the capacity of the system.

Low installation costs
KETON allows to interface with the instrumentation present in the system, limiting the number of interventions and making them as less invasive as possible. Furthermore, standardized kits have been designed for quick and easy installation.

Data collection for new regulatory compliance
Through the reporting function, KETON can assist in the compilation of special registers required by law by entities such as GSE, ARPA, etc...

Cost control and correct attribution
By monitoring all the quantities, KETON allows you to attribute the exact energy costs to the various industrial processes and processes.

Optimization and reduction of consumption
By analyzing the data collected, it is possible to intervene in the system with structural changes and / or changing the habits of users to reduce energy consumption.


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