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Inntea has been working,  since its foundation, in the Energy sector, which is one of the fundamental industrial sectors for any human activity.

Energy can be produced from multiple sources and each of these requires the application of particular industrial processes. Always attentive to the environment INNTEA operates mainly in the production from renewable sources: geothermal, biomass, MSW and in particular in the hydroelectric and photovoltaic fields

Water as engine of the world, a source of energy.
Thanks to our skills and experience we design, manufacture and install hydroelectric turbines tailored for each site, in order to thoroughly exploit all hydraulic particularities. Step by step we get from the idea to the stage of creation, to the control and final tests. Our goal is an intervention that, thanks to the power of nature, able to make their living producing energy, always with a view of environmental sustainability and maintaining high quality that distinguishes us. 

The energy of sun just for you.
Thanks to our competence and our professional specialization, we project and manufacture photovoltaic plants of any scale. We'll install the plant satisfying all the custom needs ensuring, not only an economic save, but also the possibility to become less dependent on non-renewable sources and more direct to an eco-sustainable energy that respects the nature around us.

We take care of all necessary steps to perform the installation and the next tests of the energy generated/produced by the plant, we manage all the practices: from feasibility studies and analysis of loads up to the connection of the plant to the national grid.
We think about future collaboration by creating and planning a course of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance enabling the customer to arrange the monitoring and maintenance of the most suitable plants. We offer also assistance for administrative management, periodical report and analysis.

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